Montag, 19. Dezember 2016

My answer about a heated up Arctis

Yes, it seems to be a not yet seen warming.

But one has to be careful with short-time changes in temperatures, as no one can say what will be measured next month. At the moment the temperature went already down considerably. So we have to wait until we see if that was a short spike down or it will go again higher.

On the other hand, we had a extrem cold spell over Siberia. Possibly a weather pattern made this exchange between the Arctic and Siberia.

We had one of the strongest El Ninos 2015/16. Very often we will see a La Nina after it, with temperatures going down below average.

In fact, a complete ENSO event (El Nino La Nina southern oscillation) will take up to five years until it is balanced out.

Climate change is something which is happening over a longer term, WMO says normally about 30 years.

So clearly the temperature worldwide and in the Arctic went up considerably in the last decades, being on a high level for over ten years, Especially the summer ice extend went down considerably.

Otherwise, the yearly temperature rise went down, and the average NSIDC Arctic sea ice extent over the whole years average had a flat trend the last 13 years.

So only future will tell sure more so we can get sure.

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