Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Hi I'm a somehow "green" German in my 50ties and really interested in environmental issues, in development and how one can manage to have a good, sustainable living. I tried and try nearly every item on Renewable Energies or these which save Energy. I like Organic and lokal food and have produced them a good part of my life. Seems I have a low carbon footprint.

As a Development worker I was in Tanzania from 1999 to 2005 and founded there a Course of "Entrepreneursiph on Renewable Energies" which ist still runnig there now with African staff.

One question puzzles me a bit: Some people say: We are doomed! The world will collapes soon! Or we all must cut down our CO2 footprint considerably. Others say: Not at all! It's mere natural climate change and we humans cause nothing or only few.

Both sides have graphs and temperature curves and logical conclusions, which clearly show they are right. But whom to believe? Those with the most academic titles? Those with dramatic videos or films about the climate? Those with the most striking conclusions?

What I want to find out: Is there a way a layman can find out whats really going on? What are the sources one can rely? I think one way would be to come to sources which are accessible to everybody and which are agreed upon from everybody - or at least to a high extend. And they should be simple and easy understandable.

My aim is to find such sources and to check and compare them carefully. Maybe I will find out something.

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