Montag, 29. Februar 2016

How we Germans are dealing with Climate Change and the Energiewende

As a German, I have different thoughts about dealing with climate change. Okay, CO2 et al do not influence the climate in a dangerous way.

So the Energiewende is not necessary, but we do it. And as we are one of the wealthiest nation and with the highest social standards, we can play around, pretending that it is necessary.

The cost of energy is not causing harm to the poor in our country as the even get a heating subsidy if they have no money. BTW, according to our income, our family is considered as threatened by poverty - but we don't feel like that. If a nation is rich they have some money, which they can choose to invest here or there.

So what we are doing? We try to increase the amount of renewables in the energy mix - and the goal is a high one. We are trying to find technical solutions especially with the storage problem. And we have to handle social matters - how people react to that.

So what will be the outcome? We will learn a lot. Mostly we will learn what will not work, We will find some small solutions for storage problems or energy conversion. And maybe we will find solutions which are needed later, when we really have a fossil fuel peak.

But at the moment, we are dealing with other problems like the refugees. Yes we can, because we have enough means. But even here we will learn a more realistic view on a noble cause.

Regarding renewables, the conservavtive CSU has asked to reduce them to a realistic and manageable level. In Bavaria, Windpower expansion has com to a halt, because of building laws. New solar arrays are erected only sparsely because of sinking subsidies. Biogas plants cause environmental problems and no subsidies for new ones are planned. There are some pilot projects in geothermal plants, but not really efficient. Only few offshore plants in the north get in gear, and the energy price is two times higher than o land. Soon we will run out of plots for windpower and investors and communities who will bear them.

So the reality has already caused a strong learning curve. It will be interesting what will happen whe they close down the last atomic power plants. I guess, CO2 output will rise again, because renewables cannot replace the basic load which is needed.

In short. there are interesting times and we can be curious what will happen next.

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